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Thread: YARM / TD Vehicle Pack UPDATE Released May 31 2014 [BETA Ver 128][DL][PICS]

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    Here are some Pics:

    YAY :alien::up:

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    Hey eviL<3, which vctf map is that? does it have bot support?

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    Originally posted by meowcat
    Hey eviL<3, which vctf map is that? does it have bot support?
    Its on ONS-Surripere-r1 using -=Musc@ts=-'s MapConverter CTF 1.07 --- {DownLoad - 1|2}


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    Does no one know of a good tut telling u how to make a simple vehicle in maya

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    Originally posted by J112
    Does no one know of a good tut telling u how to make a simple vehicle in maya

    That's all that I could find .

    (EDIT) BUT: Please stay On-Topic!

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    Dude, I love these! It's great to see some vehicles that don't completely unbalance things, just add some nifty conventional variety. Nice WWII skins, too.

    Yanno, this is why maps need like 10 different types of vehicles, not 4 or 5 -- so you can have much more richness to a game, not just the otherwise inevitable Manta/Goliath/Raptor showcase.

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    Well, these are officially my favorite vehicles to play with now.
    A few things though, aside from the textures:

    1. The front and brake lights are a bit off (like they're still in the Hellbender position, off the vehicles).

    2. The hummer is actually called a "Humvee". Hummers are the dumbed down versions of humvees for the public.

    3. I know you purposely made them lowpoly, but the jeep and humvee could use some small details on the. IE, antennas, small lights, etc. (Here's a pictured I just googled, showing a higher-poly humvee for some inspiration)

    4. The only thing that could make these better (playwise), would be if the passengers could fire out the doorways (or off the back of the bike) with their regular weapons (I think I saw UT2004Addict say he knew how to do this, in another thread. You should try asking about it)

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    @MisterTrioxin: Thanks for the feedback! One of these days I will get around to putting out the next version.
    1. Somebody else had metioned this as well, and I could not figure out what either of you were talking about until I turned on corona rendering in the advanced properties, so yes thank you for pointing that out, it will most definitely be fixed wish I figured that out sooner!

    2. yeah I know the actual acronym is hmmwv , I will change it as well (amost as bad a TRAM-> Tire Rotational, Articulated Movement or RTCH-> Rough Terrain Cargo Handler)

    3. Yeah, I will probably add some more minor details like that (the lights are definitely needed and the antennas are a good idea!), if you got any other suggestions I'd be happy to hear them.

    4. I actually had it so that the players could fire their vehicles from the doorway but removed it for various reasons (I actually still have a version in the mod that can be summoned I think). Among the numerous problems involved with that is:
    - Hit detection from/in the vehicle (the passenger's shots collide with the vehicle itself)
    - The pawn code automatically hides the player's third person weapon when they start driving
    - there is no clean way (without completely reprogramming lots and lots of code) to get the bots to even get in as passengers and fire their weapons (I certainly tried though!)

    I coded passable solutions to the first two, but not the third. So instead of including a somewhat passable solution, I opted to remove it altogether.
    [EDIT] Ok I got an acceptable passenger system ready to go where by the passengers will be able to fire their own weapons while riding in the vehcles. This will be in the next version

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    Cool cool. Can't wait for the next version.

    I forgot to add this to list, but could you make it so that when the Humvee gets hit and the gunner dies, one of the bots still alive in it move to the gunners position? Right now, they just stay in the back seats.

    On that note, I noticed that bots like to stay in the back seats even when the driver gets out (which won't be as much oif a problem when they can actually shoot from there, but it'd still be best if they hopped out).

    Also, a number of times I saw bots hop onto the backseat of the bike (with no driver), sit there for a few minutes, hop off, then get back on and do it again.

    Oh, and if you do add antennas, be sure to make it so they just pass through things, so that you don't end up getting stuck or doing a wheely while trying to go under a bridge, etc.

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    I spent quite a while trying to get the bots to not do the stupid "jump on the back seat of the motorcycle and sit there" thing, but to no avail. Anyways, with the new version, even though passengers will be able to shoot their own weapons from the passenger seats, I do not think that I will be able to get the bots to actually fire their weapons. Part of the way bots select to even get in vehicles is based on what weapon is available on the vehicle. I might be able to fake it so that the bots will hop on, but it will be just as bad as they currently are in the passenger seats.

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