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Thread: DM-Campgrounds2005-SC1 [New fixed version now available]

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    This map rocks more than the original. (start flames now...)

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    WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!!!!!!!!! BEST MAP I EVER PLAYED!!! THIS ONE RULEZZ!!!! great work dude!!!!!!! super!!! no comments

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    ooohhhhh Great!!!!!!!!


    I like you style

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    What's to say? After your last Q3 map.. I knew I was gonna love this before I even played it. The original music track is the icing on the cake for me. :up:

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    This map is really cool
    How can i make my own map? Is it hard?


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    yups this map ownz as hell but 1 problem there are no servers with it and i want to play this map with others an no bots.

    and yeah im learning making maps to but i will use 3ds max for the maps and for the rest i use UnrealED but i must learn UnrealED first before i go start making maps hehe

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    This is definitely an interesting remake with the slow-moving good-looking sky, some rain, tattered banners, circular grates on the walls, detailed light fixtures similar to original ones, and well-done square pillars. This is a similar layout made tighter than the UT2003 versions closer to Q3 gameplay. I thought the rock ceilings and walls looked great as well as other completely different textures/meshes in the map. I even saw a few spider webs and plants thrown in. This also has good upbeat custom music (jungle-like) similar to the original. I still don't like it when bots nail you jumping up from the jumppad without even letting you clear the top in UT2003/UT2004 maps.

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