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Thread: UT2003 keeps crashing

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    UT2003 keeps crashing


    I'm wondering, does anyone know solution for my problem... I have brand new Acer t130 computer with AMD Athlon 64 3000+ processor, 1024 mb RAM, 200GB harddrive and ATI Radeon 9800SE 128MB. I'm running the game under Windows XP home. I'm using old IBM screen, it's about 6 years old...

    The whole computer keeps crashing when usein UT2003. If I'm not using full screen mode, it just crashes the game. But if I use full screen mode, the whole computer reboots.

    This makes my boyfriend really really sad, since this is he's fav game...

    Can anyone help me to get the game running properly? Oh, and I'm running the game under Windows XP home.

    Best regards, IQ

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    Play the game in Safe Mode to see if there isn't any crash. Then try to change the game resolution once you in the game Safe mode.

    About your boyfriend, let him be sad (there is no cure for that):bulb:

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    Scan for viruses using a free web scan somewhere, (I forget where it was! ) or borrow a virus scanning program from your boyfriend. There are a lot of viruses theat can cause this.

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    Try UT2004 instead of UT2003

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