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Thread: high or low fov?

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    Originally posted by Virax
    Lots of bad players play with a high fov
    Originally posted by KriLL3.2™
    100.. blah blah blah

    I used 90 and I don't miss many lg shots. Shock primary on the other hand...I sux with that...good with combos though.

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    i used 115 when i was playing quake 3 and ut2003 but now i use 100

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    FOV 110...all games all the time. :up:

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    I used to use 100, I changed to 90 a month or so ago...

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    Most (maybe all) servers allow FOV-change during a match.
    I suggest binds for FOV:

    mousewheel up (great for sniping(long distance shots):
    FOV 80
    and low mouse sensitivity

    mousewheel down (close combat):
    FOV 100
    and high mouse sensitivity

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    UT Enthusiast
    I would like to become a better hitscan shooter with shock beam or sniper rifle.

    I understand that a bigger FOV gives you a better overview and that it helps to track somebody who is circling around you.
    But it is a fact that a smaller FOV magnificats everything on the screen and bigger FOV makes everything smaller.

    Here is what I think :
    When I choose FOV=90 instead of FOV=100, then the opponent/target is bigger on the screen with more pixels, and I do belive (but never tested it) that a bigger target on screen is easier to hit. Does somebody think different?

    It's all about personal preferences and personal choice: Do I choose a better overview but pay for it with diminution OR do I choose a less good overview but get for that a magnification? Or do I go a middle way?

    Thats the reason why I did NOT change FOV=90 when I changed from 17" to 24" widescreen. The bigger 24" screen gives me bigger targets and yet a wider picture. I have chosen a compromise.

    I would like to ask players who are really skilled with shock beam and sniper rifle if a lower FOV helps to hit the target? And which FOV they are using.

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    I've always left it at default simply because at high FOV the perspective becomes really distorted around the edges, and I can't stand that...

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    Another one to get the necromancer medal...

    Anyways, welcome to the forums.

    To topic: I have a value higher than 90, though I don't remember the exact value at the moment. I think it gives me a better overview and let's me spot movement from the corner of the eye. And I didn't notice distortion btw.

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