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Thread: Yet Another Real-life Mod [beta][UPDATED May 29 2013][DL][version 130]

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    Cheers. :up:

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    Bump. In the next release, could you change the weapon names to something a hair less vague? Selecting "Sniper Rifle" or "Assault Rifle" in WoRM automatically chooses the default sniper and AR. Yes, I'm clicking the right one, but it defaults back.

    Also, you worked on C4, didn't you? I recognize the AR fire sound. My favorite SFX is the firing of the combat pistol, strive towards that when making sounds.

    No offense, but I hate the skins. Even when I select "use UT2004 skins" in the menu, I show up as a forest camo soldier.

    That aside, this mod is excellent. I love it. Too bad I can't WoRM the weapons in due to the previous problem, I use these everywhere. PERFECT in confined maps with zombies, it's just great. Spy pistol and sniper are far too awesome, but everything else seems balanced. Great job.

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    @carbs: Go to the mutator selection tab and then configure the mutators. Under the YARM weapons configuration section uncheck the "use YARM players" toggle box (I forget what i called it exactly) then you will use standard UT2k4 players.

    As for the weapon sounds, yeah I posted a recruiting post over on BeyondUnreal looking for a sound designer (There are very few tutorials on making weapon sounds and I do not really know how to do that aspect). Most of the weapon sounds are from the old agent X source. I have had a little help so far, but I can't make any promises for the next release with regards to sounds.

    As for the names, you bet I will change them for the next release so that they are more compatible with WoRM. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Spy pistol will be far less accurate in the next release to force players to be very close to their targets for any chance of hitting them (think Splinter Cell accuracy). And the sniper Rifle will be more balanced out. thanks for the feedback!

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    You're welcome.

    I unchecked "Use YARM players," but I still show up as the forest camo man... bots seem to be UT2004 guys...

    There's some... thing that lets you really abuse the system. You can pick up any weapon, period. Even if it's already in your arsenal and is a weapon pickup. What one can do is grab a weapon, throw it, grab a new one, then take the thrown one over and over until you have full ammo!

    When using YARM players, it was quite difficult to jump. I'd keep mashing the thig and I'd stay on the ground. Regular UT2004 has me hopping all over with the slightest tap.

    Don't get me wrong, I do love this mod, I've been using it with just about everything I have, but you need to fix some bugs and get some nice SFX, then you'll be great. Good luck!

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    @carbs: oh yeah the jumping thing! (dang!) I forgot to mention it here (although it is included in the readme) that to jump you have to be doing one of two things; either running full speed forward or have some object in front of you. No jumping backwards, sideways or just for the heck of it when standing around. As for the pawn being stuck as a YARM pawn i will look into that, but my first suggestion would be to reset what player you want to be in the player options menu (i think the name might have been "nulled out" which might result in what you are experiencing. I will test this myself and see what i can do.

    Yeah the weapon pickup bug was actually introduced in my attempt at making a universal ammo pickup so that the spy pistol and mines could still get ammo even though there were not enough slots for them. I will be working on a better solution for the patch. Thanks for the reminder!

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    Version 107 has been posted. Changes and additions:

    -new assault rifle model (based on the SA80)
    -new Assault Class Player model and skin
    -Sniper rifle ROF decreased, bot's inhuman accuracy same as normal UT sniper rifle now
    -Spy's pistol less accurate now, does not shoot as far
    -Grenades and mines given separate weapon slots now
    -shotgun reload can be stopped

    -New Light Machine Gunner Class
    -New Light machine gun (to go with said class)
    -Anti Vehicle mines added
    -Claymore mines added

    There are probably a few bugs still present, I tried to get to as many of them as possible, but my free time ran out. Next update will not happen until after finals in March.

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    pretty awesome yet again dude. i do have one bug that i found. when you grab the double damage, your gun is seethrough. but other than that, its still *****ing. keep up the good work :up:

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    Grabbing this.Gonna try oat the LAN party I got tomorrow..

    Many thanks Meow Car

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    Well Final exams are done. I will be getting back to work on YARM this week. I just wanted to mention some of the changes that will be in version 108 (for those that care):
    -Kabar Stab attack will cause the player to "leap forward" a bit to get that just out of reach kill (thanks Silver_Ibex)
    -Third person player anims for melee attacks and reloading added
    -Universal Ammo Pickup (Thanks to Dicky_B for the code/help)
    -Different Infantry player model (boony cover instead of Helmet+diff camo)
    -Bots use mines and grenades now
    -Bots will use the Kabar knife now

    I still have to put in a rocket launcher weapon and fix a few annoying network bugs, but after that it will be mostly map work. A parachute is also being tested (deployable by button and releasable by button) but may not be included unless I make some maps that will use it.

    On another note I have also been tweaking the Tango Down Warfare vehicle pack and I have added a motorcycle. Here is a quick montage I made of the motorcycle in action: No more university web hosting

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    Originally posted by {MM}Juggalo_kyl
    and the other things that wasnt good was the kills. very easy to get kills. one shot to the body will kill.
    Well, if the mod is reality based, he's not far off.
    A well-placed shot to the chest can kill you just as well as a shot to the head(pentrating the heart, severing the spinal cord in just the right area, etc)

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