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Thread: Drawing lines between vectors

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    Drawing lines between vectors

    I'm unfamiliar with vector math and such, so please bear with me.

    How would I go about drawing a line between two vectors?

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    Possibly clarify a bit more on that or give a descriptive explanation of what it is you want to do? I 'think' I know what you mean but am not sure, anyway here are some usefull links.

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    I have two vectors and I need to draw some sort of line onscreen linking their two positions.

    (Actor.DrawDebugLine, but more reliably and hopefully faster )

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    Hmm...You could use an emitter (such as that used by the link gun) to draw a line between them OR you could try using an interaction and using the function WorldToScreen if you aboloutly must use the canvas. (if you want a direction vector of one pointing to the other it's simply Location1-Location2)

    Handy thing is you will find functions to do the complicated math stuff you want most of the time unless your really digging into something very complicated.

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