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Thread: Zombies Of Nightmare [FINAL RELEASED]

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    Wink you missed my link ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hanji View Post
    Looks cool, didn't notice this back then, omg, yeah please update with working links...... please...... Or maybe your working on a new version?

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    Multiplayer problem

    I recently downloaded this mod and I'm having some trouble with it. I set up a LAN game, but the host machine is the only one that can see the zombies. The other players can't and so they get whacked. Is there something I missed setting up this mutator?

    * Robinson

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    What did you do? I'm having that problem.

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    Did you add the serverpackages in the UT2004.ini file on the server?

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    To whom it may concern:
    The final version was great, except for one thing, it has the same filename as all the others. For those of you who host games and use the gameservers site as the redirect, u probably noticed it never worked out. So i renamed the files, and it works now.
    So heres the link to this final version with renamed system files, just add it to your serverpacks:

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    I know this mod has gone through lots of changes.

    But there is one bug I'd like to report... if it hasn't been reported.
    The Zombies Invasion gametype..

    It stinks! The zombies don't even hurt you! All they do is side-step and reach for you.

    But the mutator, if it's added... Now that is perfect. The zombies actually run after you and hurt you. Possibly skeletonize you.
    If only they were like that in the gametype.

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    Any chance of working links to a more useful site where the links stay the same, or the root page of the file (not the info)?

    All these old Game/Filefront links in these forums no longer work
    I can offer a permanent hosting if that is a problem.

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