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    But I find this space rather empty, it´d be nice to get a "unknown" planet in background beneath the station.
    Hmm... Interessting idea. I put it on my list for a possible version 3.

    Nice map but i reckon the fps need sorting out on it...
    Yeah. This map was build on a rather good computer and received quit decent frame rates there. I guess you have to lower the details in the grafics settings on mid ranged PCs to get 60 or more fps while looking at the center of the map. It's very difficult to optimize this kind of "open architecture" map with the Unreal Editor without deleting a lot of details.

    @ Xyx:
    Is this just a visual upgrade or has gameplay changed as well?
    It's mainly only a visual upgrade, but as I put an elevator and an additional platform in the map the gameplay also changed a bit. I also moved the shock rifle up on the highest platform and gave the energy beam in the center of the map the ability to heal the player. But my aim was mainly to give the platforms a new and shiny look and to add more details (trims,...) to the map.

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    @CBA`ken and TMA|Flens: Thx for the mirrors!

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    Does anyone know a server where I can play this map online?

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    /me has an orgasm

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    Nice map but i guess the fps need sorting out on it...
    Yeah, sorry for that. But it's almost impossible to optimize levels with this kind of architecture with UnrealEd. You simply need a good PC or at least a good Videocard.
    I hope that the comming Unreal Engine 3 will solve problems like this. With the current engine I would have to lower the map details to much to get high fps. That would have destroyed the look of the map. So I decided to keep the detail high and let the peeple lower their grafic settings instead.

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    Private Tux

    Very fun space map.

    Sufficient space map with greater visuals, layout and gameplay. Reminds me of a Quake3 map. Sparkling with elevator and jump pads for better preservation (don't use lattice girder paths!), and I like the energy beam particle at the middle. Bots are quite funny though. Be aware of falling you out of space!

    - Downloaded from "UT2004 Mappack I" by RvA at L4Y.

    Four mirrors:

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    crazy central area as a matter of fact crazy all over with intense z-axis and a high “please don’t fall” factor (definitely watch the jumps); only one view of space is rotating and it needs different music; good weapon placement, flow and bots; this one can also be lots of fun.][.zip

    (also, I got a winzip error trying to unzip a winzip file with the '][' in the zip name, so beware!) - yes, I forgot which one it was.

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