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Thread: DM-MF-TheLongestYard

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    I useing Map Converter in this map

    Originally posted by Daspadger
    I wonder how a CTF version would work?
    base looks little funny but kind of fun

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    sweet I'm glad to see your still kicking it in the community m8 : ) been too busy personally with college but as far as games go my loyalty still lies with 2k4 : ) cant wait to give this a spin this map had some awesome action in quake 3 looking forward to this ala 2k4

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    update: since we put this map on our server a couple months ago, it's been the most popular map, by a factor of 2.

    ummmmm ya. Thx again.

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    Nice bump, I missed this map on the first bout.

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    Wasn't there another one of these a little while ago? I remember not liking a similar conversion of this map, but this one posted here absolutely rocks. It looks rather spiffy as well, despite simple shapes.

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    best UT2004 version of this map

    Actually, this is the only version I have (except for the one by Likwid) but it's pretty good. Instead of blackness like Q3 original it has dark clouds and haze for a skybox and it works well. I like the black/yellow striped trim and the custom jumppads (more than one design). I also think the scaling is done well to fit the UT2004 movement which results in good gameplay and decent bots. I also like the custom music.

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    Private Tux

    DM-MF-TheLongestYard by chonglee (formerly xblue_cn).

    Impressive remake of the Q3 map. Great use of lighting, jump pads are hardcore and good use of skybox. Bots are good.

    Review by MisterHeadCrab:
    It looks and plays as good as the original Q3 map. There's also good bot support.
    It would have been great if the sky-box were a bit more detailed (planets, etc). Anyway, all in all it's an amazing map!

    - Downloaded from "UT2004 Mappack J" by RvA at L4Y.

    Two mirrors survived from the first post:;31162

    More mirrors posted by SM:

    Direct downloads: (uploaded by Chonglee)

    Author's map info:

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