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Thread: Collision Issues

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    Collision Issues

    ok, so when i started work on this map it was in the UT2003 editor, so when i moved it over to ut2004, i wasnt suprised when there was a little bit of an error. all the trees in my level, which were copied from tokara forest in ut2003, suddenly had no collision. so i figured i needed to change a property in the collision settings, but i fiddle around and cannot get them to have collision. so i thought id copy the meshes from tokara forest in ut2004, just take a lot of time to replace them with the ones copied form tokara forest, which i figured would have collision in my map, since they had it in the origonal map, but when i move them over, they suddenly have no collision. is there anyway to make them have collision without having to put blocking volumes over eveything?

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    Im at work so im working from memory here. It could be the trees have a low poly collision mesh but that its hidden in Ued. If they are anything like thise in CTF-Magma you'll need to go into the groups thingy and unhide them in there.

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