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Thread: Unreal Sex

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    Unreal Sex

    Unreal, in all its versions, variations and mods is without a doubt the shittest game ever made. It is so incredibly bad you would get more out of flipping a coin - at least that can be classified as somewhat entertaining. You guys are all total losers, you need to get out of the house a bit more, get some sunlight, you know, that thing you've never heard of.

    As for getting an unreal tattoo, that is just the height of sadness. What are you going to tell your girlfriend? If you ever get one that is, which is unlikely given that you're sad enough to get a tattoo of your favourite computer game. Talk about obsessive.

    I know you retards are going to bitch and whine about this post because you can't accept how right I am. No, it's not a matter of opinion, it's fact. Unreal is shit. You guys are shit for supporting it. Let me introduce you to a little concept known as the real world. That's right guys, I'm the first to break it to you. There is a world outside of unreal. You can do all sorts of things in this 'real' world. You can leave the house, you can better yourself physically and mentally, which you probably need since you're all fat nerds, with the exception of those of you who never leave the computer to get something to eat.

    Sorry if I offended you, but I'm sure you can cool off with a nice game of Unreal just like you deal with all your other problems, you socially inept losers. Now I know I'm going to get the usual bullshit retorts about how I'm equally sad for posting about how sad you lot are. That's okay, you need to hear it from someone, before it's too late for you to turn your sorry life around.

    So you're going to report me to a moderator? Oh no. Does that make you feel big? Well go right ahead, I'm sure that's the only power you're ever going to enjoy (except of course, being able to snipe someone in Unreal).

    By the way, if you reply to me (which I know you will), you're admitting that this game sucks ass.

    PS - Your speedy replies are simply proving my point. RL is a nice acronym btw, though you could be talking about a rocket launcher.

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    You made specially an account for this crap? :down:

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    I can't beleive you wasted so much time typing that.

    So owned :haha:

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    LMAO. Every month or so, we get some ":noob:" post a single topic of similar nature and then leave the boards to where ever their attention-seeking nature carries them. :haha:

    By the way, if you reply to me (which I know you will), you're admitting that this game sucks ass.
    I remember when I was 5 years old, me and my friends used to play a game called "If you do X, that means you're admitting Y!" whereby X had no relation to Y whatsoever. The game got extremely boring to us by the time we were 6 years old... And by the content of it, I do not believe mature people play it at all. Therefore I hereby pronounce you "attention-seeking immature n00b."

    There, with this new title, you are godlike!

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    Originally posted by Foo
    I can't beleive you wasted so much time typing that.

    So owned :haha:
    :haha: yeah really, lol, BG2CSNOOB!!!:haha: :up:

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    If you have a RL why did you waste your time telling this to us?

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    legacy-I am Fearless
    Nice. So you got ditched by your girlfriend, set your UT CDs on fire and then posted here ? As I said nice :up:.

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    :cry: I like my 'unreal world'.........

    leave me alone.....:sour:

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    The funny thing is, most (almost ALL) of us actually do a LOT of other things than just play this 1 game...

    I've only just proved this (see the threadWhat else do you do )

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    You suck at life if you can't get a girlfriend and play UT at the same time. And you just wasted your time typing out a worthless message :P

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