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Thread: DM-TDB-Aztec

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    Questions.. questions... questions... oh and feedback :)

    Lo Teddie...

    Err, I've had this map on me drive since end of April. It's def. DM-TDB-Aztec. Got it from another site. Was you just a little lapse posting it here ? Or is this an updated version ... just checking , jic

    EDIT: NEVER MIND ... just clicked on the Unreal Playground link... Map posted there on same date as the file creation date on my hard drive. (God I musta been quick there )

    Feedback time... I've never played CS so I have absolutely no idea how this plays against the original .. what I can tell you is I like it .. I like it a lot. Amazingly enough we've been playing this map at work with the Mutant mutator. And I can tell you it sure makes for a great cat and mouse chase map.

    Can't wait for the DOM version. How about a CTF version as well? (Can never have enough CTF maps IMO ), though I think that might need some work and structual changes to balance it out abit.

    Cheers for the effort Ted. Moff to have another play on it now... btw ... posted a link here in Mr Wotsits thread over in Gen. Disc.

    Take care..


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    legacy-Nuclear hazard
    yeah Teddie make a ctf version please but no structural changes
    I love this map and I just realized how ctf can be fun

    omg i revived this thread

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    Great map. I love the tribal feeling.

    I also would LOVE to see a CTF version, but then again, I want to see CTF for every map out there...

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    THis is Great !

    So far I have dust and this one, anyone know where I can get more CS maps for UT2004?

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    god I was cocky back then

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    Great map I would like to see it as CTF too

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    Smile good remake, I think

    I never played CS, so I have no idea but the map is good on its own. At first I thought it would be too plain based on the screenshot, but it actually is quite detailed and I like the cubes. The open and tight areas make for varied gameplay and the bots like to hang in the mote area, which is where most of the action happens. This one has good weapon/item placement and I bet it gets crazy with a lot of players online.

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    Private Tux


    Good remake from the old CS map. Different textures and gameplay in this UT2004 version as the original one, and verified for a good UT2004 map. The bots are good, and nice weapon/item placements also. Some things getting me some action.


    Four mirrors for this map:

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