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    Thx for all your comments.

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    Private Tux

    Talking Never saw this map before.

    This is a UT2004 version. Love the lighting assets, custom music, fragrant foliage, rocks, trees, torches and even Moai statues. The skybox looks definitely a keeper, love the night sound and weapon/item bases are lying around sometimes. This map has the interesting gameplay and story, good atmosphere, major routes and wide z-axis. Download link at the first post is still alive since 2004 and some screenies I've captured for this map. Note that the ReadMe file is included inside the archive seems different though.


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    Cool good one!

    Somehow I missed this one for UT2003, but I like this one. I like the music and very cool Easter Island theme with exotic fallen palm trees, rocks and rock-strewn pathways. I like the jumping all around from place to place and you really don't fall as much as you might think. The bots are easy, but the map is still fun.

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