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Thread: can't turn off mouse acceleration

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    Cool can't turn off mouse acceleration

    help :cry:

    i have a mx500 with latest mouseware ... well everything was fine but 2 days ago mouse acceleration turn magically :bulb: on and i can't turn it off anymore :| plz help

    i tried with the mw_advance but it didn't work :|
    if someone know the settings to turn off accell plz tell me ... and yes i checked "disable acceleration in games"

    or maybe some other tweak program...

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    yes winxp ... playing with acceleration is a pain :cry:

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    tried the advanced settnings utility?

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    open registry and go to:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Logitech\MouseWare\Cur rentVersion\GamingCompatibility]

    check if ut2004.exe is listed there

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    it didn't work

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    Have you applied the MouseAccel registry fix for XP?

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    Yeah that happens form time to time for me in UT99.

    Uninstall the mouse, reboot, and when you re-attach it to your system. Do not install it, i.e. do not configure it with Mouseware. Just dismiss the new hardware found message. Let the standard windoze drivers handle it. Acceleration *should* be gone.

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    To make sure you don't get mouse accel ingame do the following:

    In windows make sure mouse accel is set to none. If you have accel set to medium (the mouseware default) and the ingame mouse accel to 0 you will still get mouse acceleration.

    Goto and get the latest version of their drivers. On the download page you'll notice in the left sidebar a link to an advanced mouseware utility. Download and play with that. Make sure you change it from precision to speed for an mx500.

    If you set mouse accel to 0 in mouseware 0 in ut2k4 and use the advanced utility changing from precision to speed etc then you shoudln't have any problem with mouse acceleration ingame.

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    I want to know how you turn it ON in games with the M$ 4.0 :cry:

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    legacy-Buffy Summers
    Originally posted by Chain-Lei
    open registry and go to:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Logitech\MouseWare\Cur rentVersion\GamingCompatibility]

    check if ut2004.exe is listed there
    What he said. There is also a reghack that fix this for you somewhere, but I am much to lazy to find it for you

    But if this fails, just turn off the mouse accel in windows.

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