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Thread: Unrealism vs. realism

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    Unrealism vs. realism

    Is it me - or people these days more and more want to play 'realistic' games? With that I mean existing weapons and normal human opponents in realistic looking environments.

    The top 6 most played games are all 'realistic' games. I did notice one thing at csports - UT2004 currently has more players than BF:Vietnam (although gamespy thinks otherwise)

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    People wouldn't sell for a realistic game.

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    Realism and speed I think.

    Last night again I heard someone saying UT2k3 is too fast for him. Guess the young ones don't know what computer action gaming is about anymore.

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    If something is close to what it would be in the real world, it is easier to become immersed.

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    I am sick of realism games. FarCry is good because it's a real adventure, instead of a dry Nazi hunt.

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    whutever's phun

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    I think the top few games are mainly ones with poor copy protection. I've played CS with a 123 cd key online, and I know people who have played cracked BF etc. with cracked versions online. ET is free.

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    i hate realism!

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    lol it's kinda funny... why would people want to play realistic games, if they think that by playing games they can escape the realism and real world for a while .

    I know people who say that if a game is unrealistic, it's fun. Probably because it's something new and exciting and a whole new world. My brother thinks that Quake 2 is the best game ever, because it's SO far from realism that it's hard to think adding any cool unrealistic stuff besides the ones already implemented.

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    Realism is nice, but it gets verrrrry boring after a while.

    I remember when i was still in mid-grade(Dutch system) we played Delta force every friday for two hours long.(On the school network, 32 players) It was fun, but after a while it got to the point where it was just a simple matter of who had the best camping spot(Moving was lethal, you could be spotted across the map if you moved).

    Now the newest DF-thing, Joint operations, is a lot better. But still.
    If the server isn't fully filled or small(Read: Anything less than 64 people) its a real pain in the ass to find a target.
    All these games have one other flaw, since they are only suitable for teamplay("One shot-one kill in a slow game" DM is really boring). Because you are killed in one shot, a person with a machinegun in a bunker can do incredible damage. Therefore you need some supportfire from choppers or other vehicles (No snipers, usually they are picked of before they can reach a decent spot) Now try to get people organized on a Public server, its impossible.

    And another thing: Most of them are really easy to get very good in. Just stay stealthy, aim before you fire(Most people forget this), support your teammates, and move after you fired a few shots.

    Therefore: Unrealism> Realism

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