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    I was playing around on a vCTF map and there are some changes I think should be made. My main concern is a tribes 2 effect. Tribes 2 was a great game, but people quickly left it because it took too damn long to get anywhere even if you were aware of skiing. So, in vCTF, I would like to see an adoption from onslaught: the nodes. Here is what I envision. Each base has a good collection of weapons and vehicles. Scattered between the two bases are nodes. Every node is capable of being captured from the get-go. There is no business of connect-the-dots. The nodes have NO vehicles; they serve as respawn points. The nodes serve to concentrate the battle and reduce hiking, but they lack the offensive power of vehicles. So, if a team is dominating all the nodes on a map, the defending team can still make a comeback because of readily available defensive vehicles and every node is vulnerable. If you want a quick flag cap, you have to organize and bring a vehicle. Another change that should be considered is allowing players to respawn at nodes that are under attack. Any thoughts?

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    You mean like battlelfield?

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    You mean BF19--? I never actually played it. Is that what its like? I got the impression that the battles were of a little larger scope and something about control points. The last FPS i played prior to ut2004 was planetside. This would be similiar to an LLU capture actually, but in PS the destruction is a bit more wholesale and the weapon/vehicle balance sucks. Its also slower. Thank you Epic for UT2k4.

    An obvious new vehicle would be a mobile spawn point and weapon cache, akin to the Jericho in T2 and the AMS in PS.

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