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    This is the UT2004 conversion of my UT2003 map of the same name. I have added more visuals and tweaked the gameplay. Layout is the same. This has been called, by some people, my best DM map yet. Here are some screenshots:






    You can download it here:

    Comments are welcome

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    You forgot to change your post icon to Map: DM.

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    Lol, yup. Knew I forgot something. Fixed now

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    Is it possible to get a mirror? UP's login and download system keeps taking me to the User CP for some reason.

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    overall a lacking map, imo...

    the visuals are decent... the SMs arent very well organized, the lighting is plain, and the map is very monochromatic....

    the map layout flows badly, and the SMs are placed very obstructively, so i was unable to maneuver aroudn th map very well, running into pillars and junk all over, and i even got stuck on a couple of them. the ladders would be better off as lifts, i think.

    weapon and item placement seemed unorganized.

    please take this as constructive critisism, and improve with yoru future maps. its a very good attempt, and still far superior to the majority of user made maps, out there... keep mappin, and im sur eyou can make some damn good maps

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