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Thread: DM-1on1-Idrus

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    Post DM-1on1-Idrus

    Got the final version Here Or Here

    It's a small industrial themed map set in some kind of a mine. This is my first "real" released map, the theme is unoriginal and really bad executed, big error on this point. Otherwise I tried to provide good gameplay with lot of Z-axis fights and flow...blablabla.

    "The Idrus mine produced nothing but failure until it was taken over by the Tournament. Now, it's up to you to overcome its legacy and emerge as champion!"

    Some screens (click for higher resolution) :


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    Nice piece of work.

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    legacy-AlTeCk LaNsInG
    Screens look damn nice.

    Downloading now.

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    legacy-Killer 215219
    Great map!

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    I'm glad that this map finally got released. :up:

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    Gotta the 1st beta of this map, it was wicked to play then now its gonna be sweet. Downloading now, will have a play test and post some feedback.


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    Hi there Thome,

    Downloaded your map and i gotta say its just brilliant. Cracking map to play, lighting is great though could have been a bit better in the skybox areas, texutring was fine how did you managed tog et that metal beam texture on a slant?i been trying that for ages and no joy. Nice touch having bits of caves through glass windows, throug i noticed each area was the same, did you duplicate them? still it was a nice touch and looked nice. Water looked ace in all areas. Could have been some mroe sounds in, i couldn't hear the fan sound stoo well, what was good was the emtal creaking when you went over the metal grates. As for players i think the map is better for 2on2 and not 1on1, i found it that i occasionly ran into the bot, so that would make a long match with the stand 30 max kills i have it set too, 2on2 played brilliantly in the beTas and should have been left in as the play count. Could have been a little more variation in textures i kept on seeing that metal beam trim everywhere, also some rust textures and a few missing tiles or bricks or something would have added detail but isn't really a necesity, but would make the detail better in that map. A little more different colour lighting would have looked good as well along with a few emitters.

    After playing this for a couple of rounds, 1on1 i found didn't work for me but played better with 2on2 which happens to be one of my fav player counts so i think i'ii be keeping this.

    BTW- Thanks for a mention in the readme, hope my feedback was helpful please don't take it as a flame.


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    Looks pretty solid and well detailed :up:

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    I get it and play it tonight. :up:

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    Map is a blast.

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