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    Post Little Help Here?

    Heya I've been playing UT2K3 for about a month now, and I suck heh. Anyone willing to show me how to do those jumps I watched in that video? I can't quite get the hang of it... Or would I have to join a clan to get that kind of help? Just wondering and thank you for you time.


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    no you don't need to be in a clan to learn that type of things, but you do make a good point. being part of a clan has given me a venue which allows me to learn A LOT more than I would ahve on my own.

    if you use irc at all, i'm online after 9:30 cst every night (but Fri and Sat - i do have a life outside of UT ya know ;-)) #hell

    i would be glad to help out and if i'm not there, somebody else would help ya out i'm sure.

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    You also don't see yourself doing dodges and jumps, you will only see the other players doing it.

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    Thanks to all who posted! I do need help and I joined the BHC clan tonight... They are a great bunch, and I hope to do well there... C'ya on the servers sometime!


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