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Thread: Adding A Third Material To A Character?

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    Adding A Third Material To A Character?

    Anyone know what the process is for adding a third material to a character? Specifically, how do I set it up in the .UPL file?


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    AFAIK you don't do anything in the UPL. All the models I've seen with a third material just have the normal head and body entries, and the third material is only defined in the model itself.

    If no-one on here can give you more details, try posting on Polycount. IanW is one of the people who has done this, and he posts there.

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    From my knowledge (and a hell of a lot of pain and frustration) whatever you apply in UED as the third texture is kept as is if it is found in the .UPL. you cannot DEFINE it in the .UPL however. So you can't simply make it change textures by changing where the texture is found in the .UPL. I hope this changes in UT2004.

    The third texture, by the way, is set by map channels/groups in whatever 3D program you use.

    Hope this helps.

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