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Thread: Tcc1.06

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    What exactly does this line do?

    Checks=(FName="OpenGL32.dll",MD5="file not allowed",MD5Type=2,Optional=True)

    This will disallow the file OpenGL32.dll in the \System directory. Of course you can also specify absolute or relative paths in FName. It is important that you use MD5Type=2 and Optional=True.

    I added it because of most Tweaks you need to use OpenGL and not many players use it anyways.
    But it seems not to do anything.
    I tested it and still be able to use opengl .

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    it prevents people from having that file in their system directory.

    optional true is required because else people will be kicked when the don't have the file.

    Also I strongly suggest to not add this line, there are a lot of people who use opengl without bots. Besides there 's also a D3D bot out there.

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    There's absolutely no reason why people would have the file OpenGL32.dll in their UT2003\System directory. UT2k3's OpenGL renderer is in the file OpenGLDrv.dll with indeed should never be added to the checks list. OpenGL32.dll in the System directory can only mean "wallhack" or something similar.

    I don't know who created the rumor that Anti TCC disables OpenGL by default, it's simply not true and versions 1.05 and later don't even have that feature anymore. :weird:

    Oh and please, it's Anti TCC.

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    Has the stuttering issue been resolved with ver 106?

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    ya nut seems ok now im running antitcc 106 and utparanoid 152 and no probs stop by and check it out yourself bro

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    I installed 1.06 last night, and it ran fine for a few hours. However some stuttering did appear, although much, much better than earlier versions. Will await the time with patience until the next version is released, and give that a whirl.

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    ya afew hrs later antitcc was acting up false positives me included people connecting being dropped so ill wait till the bugs are gone tired of explaing to ppl why and what an insecure client is .

    im sorry i just looked and was going to post my log but all the antitcc stff is long gone sorry bout that Wormbo next time ill be sure to save it if need be bro . I really appreciate your efforts your doing the community a great service here thanks !
    Ill be waiting for v107 :up:

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    Is there an official website for AntiTCC?
    What is the likely hood that it flags if you have a mod from another UT2k3 game type?

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    Official website:

    Basically AntiTCC looks for certain set commands, since no mod or game type should be calling any set commands it should not be a problem. As far as the way it detects the No-Invis/huge Gorge hack I’m not sure.

    We have it on our server and it has been working great as far as keeping out the players with the illegal set commands, the only problem to date is a few players getting kicked from false-positive Playerskins at the end of the map and, “timed out while securing files.”, in the middle of the map.

    But the player skins false-positive it the infamous “Modified Package detected” at the end of the game and is due to UTSecure and not AntiTCC.

    BTW, the "timed out while securing files." was with V1.05. Havent installed 1.07 yet to see if it helps.


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    I've found if you put: UTSecure211.u and in your /UT2003/System folder, you'll no longer get those bs msgs (and a kick) at the end of maps.

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