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Thread: Ion painter founded im suprised

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    Lightbulb Ion painter founded im suprised

    I was on Br-skyline when a strange thing happend. i used the translocator and accidently come in a secret room whit an ion painter. i was very suprised i never have noticed the satelite who is very high up in air. Im sure many know this but for they who dont know . go to the plattform there the ball is on both sides of the ball is it 2 pillars whit rocketlauncher very near. 1 of the pillars have an hole "rectangular" turn up the light if u cant see it. you must use the translocator to be able to enter the hole. when you enter you enter a secret room whit the ion painter

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    Absolutely, a rare secret area. more secrets here:

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    legacy-Grim Reaper

    Question Cool

    hey smooked,
    I was looking for ages on that map to try and find the Ion painter!
    I knew the cannon was there but I couldn't find the damn gun, cheers for that!
    :up: :up:

    sorry took so long for reply, been busy, didn't have time to go back to all posts

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    Handy to know that. I don't play BR maps very much so I know where nothing is :P This should help though

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