I'm running G4's on a dsl/lan network running OSX 10.2.6. One 733/ATI8500 & one 800/GeForce3. Either Mac can host &/or play the game in any mode, but when we try to link up on a lan game anyone wanting to join can only do so as a spectator. I've tried altering the rules of game by omitting "player must be ready" but nothing seems to help. This is frustrating, if anyone has a solution (in whole or in part) please pass it on! Many thanx guys (and girls too). Machackers unite! If you have overcome anything similar email me here> maverick@macmajic.com PLEASE! I'd be pleased to add your comments to this forum if you're not a member and yet have a solution.http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums...&forumid=258&#