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Thread: CTF-Peanut (working title!!) (screens)

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    Question CTF-Peanut (working title!!) (screens)

    Some screenies of my first ever map (in any 3d game!)

    Map aims:
    Good uncluttered flow, well placed weapons, good solid ctf gameplay (not so much eye candy I know)

    The map will have 3 parallel routes between bases with 3 places to change route between bases. Mid room will have fast vertical movement if needed, has high sniper spots, exposed double dam, more powerful weapons in the centre.

    Sorry about the number of pics but I got snap happy

    Mid-room, bottom route.. still kinda dark.

    Inside the bottom of the mid tower.

    Looking at the top of the tower.

    Mid-room gantry.

    In between red base and mid-room (high). Shield is just behind the fence.

    In between red base and mid room (mid level).

    Comments, obvious flaws, encouragement is welcome! Dont forget this is my first ever level


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    Looks kinda cool.

    Turn the green goop into peanutbutter because I don't understand the name at the moment

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    Should have said.. dont try and understand the name.. its gonna change.. I need suggestions too :P

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    map looks fine......... but i have always wondered this......... and its not just u...........

    WHY THE **** do people name their maps that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the map...........

    for example: have any of u played ctf-toyland ??? not one stupid toy in the map

    sorry but its just retarded :cry:

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    Second page sucks Anyway, I should have a beta for people to try within a couple of weeks. I dont work on this all the time, and damn, map making takes aaages

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    legacy-The Fugative
    looks good .... but if i see that damn satellite in a map again i'm gonna scream ... AAAAaaaagh ..... oops .. just did :bulb:

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    If you mean at the top of the third pic, thats the ION cannon I think. you need it if you use the ION weapon.

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    the name alone has got me excited!



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