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Thread: The Skindex - New comic skins for Unreal Tournament 2003

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    Angry The Skindex - New comic skins for Unreal Tournament 2003

    The Skindex released six new comic themed skins for UT2k3 today including Cable, Capt. America, Punisher, Rogue, Iron Man, and Phoenix.

    More to come....

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    Nice job Comic skins are sweet:up:

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    Glad you like! Check in soon for Cyclops (done) and Gambit (75%)

    Lots more to come!

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    Impressive, most impressive:- Darth Vader Star Wars:- Empire Strikes Back
    Looking nice, i like the Phoneix one the best along with Rogue. I know some other chap does comice skins as well, the site called Intertwinned or something like that. Can't wait for the Gambit skin. Any chance of making an Sabretooth skin, Juggernaunt or Onslaught?

    Just an idea i would make them sorta ut2003 style, make them more dirtier and look more agressive like they really wanna kick some.

    Other than that i think they look cool downloading Phoenix & Rogue now!

    Let me know about Juggernaunt, Sabretooth & Onslaught skins i would love those three geezers in ut2003!


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    Tip : find the Comicpacks and reskin them instead of using the standard UT'03 models.

    Captain America & the Punisher for example look a lot better ...

    -- edit --
    This is the place to be.
    He's added Judge Dredd recently ...

    and his Captain America looks like this :

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    Kryzalis Skins

    The Skins made by Kryzalis are VERY cool.
    The Cap Am one above is one of my favs.

    Has anyone found a way to get these skins to be pushed down from a server so people can actually see them? Otherwise no one knows your wearing them, and they just see the big ugly default dude.

    DarkJared - Your skins are looking mighty cool man. My son will be really happy someone made a Cable Skin, he has been wanting one for awhile, thanks!

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    I've been to Intertwined already and he does do some great meshes. I may or may not use some in the future. I prefer to make the skins more UT style (more armor and such) so they fit into the game world a little better though. Kind of a What If...? the character had been born into that world instead of ours.

    Some of the Intertwined meshes ar elike that so who knows. Only issue I have is there is no real easy way to view the changes to the texture with custom models. I don't have all the files for the mesh to set them up in Upaitn for instance to quickly view a change made to the texture in Photoshop. You'd have to start the and load the game everytime after importing the changed texture. No fun.

    I have lots of plans for more skins including the three last requests there. Gambit and Cyclops should be up today.

    ... and now they are!

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    legacy-Rurouni Storm
    Long time no see Jared. I visited your site back when it first started.

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    // DarkJared :
    it looks like you just need the psk-files to view a model in Upaint.
    There are a few of the psk-files on that site or at least there's a link. You should try sending him an e-mail if you can't find the one you want to skin.
    Just look here :

    your skin does fit the model, but it looks like a very ugly recoloring of the original skin

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    Nice skins, but you need to make new models of them.

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