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Thread: [Mod Idea] UT2003 models & map pack

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    [Mod Idea] UT2003 models & map pack

    Had an cool idea.

    A mod which would contain more characters from the ut2003 world, the new species would be :-

    Royal Marines (cross juggernaunt with a Marine!)

    Swat (futuristic police)

    Aztec ( much like Egyptian)

    Pir8s ( that won't be there name , but there some kind of rebels street gang)

    Bounty Hunters (Alien bounty hunters)

    and perhaps Nali and Skarrji.

    There would be a map type from every "world" theses characters come from.

    If anyone is interested and perhaps would like this mod to happen or be a part of it, just post a reply or e-mail me

    I would be needing mappers & modellers to go ahead with this if any wants to take part



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    sa basically it would be a skin/model pack and a map pack in one?

    doesnt sound liek a mod to me... cool idea though. good luck.

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