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Thread: Linux Editor Request

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    legacy-Mr Evil
    I would like to see a Linux editor. I don't use Linux, but nonetheless, seeing a company support multiple platforms gives me greater faith in their dedication to their customers. Of course Epic already do quite well there in that the game itself runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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    me too

    I want a linux edito tooo. plse.....Come on and do it. You know you can. Isnt cross platform supposed to mean....cross platform?

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    Digging up this old thread just to see if there's any news?

    Over the last few months I've pretty much dumped Windows entirely, and can't say I miss it.
    UT2004demo runs better than ut2003 ever did for me on Win, and now I'm planning to start work on some snazzy new vehicles....and hoping they won't end up being mere static meshes.

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    Alright i'm not using Linux and im not gonna until really every game is working on it. But i can understand you linux people, wanting a linux based hmm development kit
    But i think... there aren't enough who want such an kid, that epic could make any profit of it....

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    Do they gain any profit by making the dev tools available to windows users?
    It doesn't necessarily need to be Epic doing the port anyway...the open source community has proven countless times that there are thousands of capable programmers willing to work on such projects for enjoyment, education, and for the sake of advancing a great product.

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    I am not a linux user but i am a mac user. so id be glad if it came out for luux instead of mac sinc emac is basically unix / linux and all that stuff in its core. But im afiad the moon will probably explode before a mac or a linux version rises from the flames...

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    I wouldn't use it but still.... It'd be a really cool addon!

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    legacy-Mr Evil
    An open source UEd would offer much potential. With 64bit computers likely to become increasingly common and Linux being the only 64bit platform that UT2004 runs under, it would be very nice to be able to compile a Linux port of UEd to run in 64bit too.

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    my mac G5 is 64 bit so thats not really runs on a mac 64 bit computer. im sure of it cuase i have it!!

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