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Thread: New Beginner tutorial...UPDATED 11/03/02

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    Word and PDF formats available!

    I have the tut reformatted for Word 2000 (sorry, pre 2000ers and WordPerfecters), and converted the Word documents to PDF files so they can also be read in Acrobat.

    The bad news is all the images are embedded, so the Word doc is 1 Meg, and the PDF file is about 2.5 Megs. I also have these broken down into the Table of Contents as a standalone, and each of the four parts individually, again in both Word and PDF formats.

    If anyone wants these emailed, or feels like hosting some files, let me know!

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    Hey Worf,

    Excellent work! Thanks for packing up the tutorials. I was thinking about doing it myself, but that'll save me the trouble. Go ahead and email them to me in separate emails (I'm not too sure what the limit per email is for my email account, and I'm on dialup, so it'll just be easier to do them one at at time) and I'll upload them to my server and link them off the intro page.

    To those of you with questions: I tried to answer some questions earlier, but kept running into those "Server is too busy" messages and constant database errors. :sour: I gave up, but I'll get back to you in a little bit. (Hopefully this message will get through...)

    Take care,

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    I have been trying to register with these forums today (trouble with my mail ).
    My reason for this is to thank Notivagus for the tutorials.

    Please keep them coming,they are excellent and I am following them every installment.

    So little good info on the new version of the editor maiking your contribution all the more valuable.

    Exellent Work

    I saulte you.:up:

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    This one could go on to be the definative guide m8
    I hope after this (basic stuff) you move on to zones, water, lava etc. Your's could go down as the #1 site for ued3.

    Got a question for you though m8, i made maps, long time ago now and just having them lights glowing there in the level looks a bit 'iffy' can you jog our memories in a later tute on where the light meshes/models are please, so we can add them to make the rooms look more realistic?

    many thanks m8


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    Very cool your tuts for newbies like us. Keep on!.
    If anyone knows about building heightmaps to use the terrain editor, plz go ahead on the tut.

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    bump to the top

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    nice tutorial, i read over it, wished i would have seen it a while ago when i started making maps, but oh well. good work, keep it up

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    Seeing as how it appears I am your official fanboy™, I feel it is my duty to say awesome Part IV tutorial, looking forward to Part V. I will second Axel's suggestion to maybe include some lightbulb, etc. meshes in the next part to make the lights look more realistic. I'll now take the oppurtunity to answer some questions in my infinite newbness..

    flabioh: The lights are a bit dim on their default setting. For example, if you put a light in the middle of the big room, it'll only barely light the the areas directly below, above, and across from it. If you right-click on the light bulb and choose light properties, and then go to lightcolor and change the brightness, that'll help, but of course you could always just put more than 1 light. My big room has 11 I think I switched up the position and brightness and whatnot though to create a very moody setting

    kevlar: I found that it's pretty impossible. The hallway is just a bit too narrow to get a perfect fit, so just move it so that the textures overlap evenly on both sides and leave it like that. You won't really notice it unless you are looking for the error though, and even then it doesn't look BAD (like the wall seams) it just looks different.

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    Thank you for your time and effort :up:
    Please sir, can I have some more?

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    Looks really great! Thanks, Fecal Marmaset for the PM heads-up. This is just the stuff I'm looking for. I've never made a thing and this is what a newbie like me needs to get started. Thanks.

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