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General Rules
[01] No pornographic material, warez, or illegal software! Offering images, links or information regarding such content will not be tolerated.

[02] Be respectful to other members! It is our goal to create a clean forum for the discussion of Epicís games. Cursing, swearing, personal attacks or retaliations are not welcome here and will not be tolerated. Do not spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.

[03] Keep discussions on topic! Please refrain from discussions not pertaining to our games or company. There are plenty of other places in the vast Internet to discuss your political or social views. This includes Unreal vs XYZ Game, Unreal vs XYZ Engine, Gears 1 vs Gears 2, Console vs Console or Console vs PC discussions. Topics related to illegal drug use are also not permitted.

[04] No signature abuse! This options is a luxury and abusing it will result in loss of that luxury. Please refrain from using images in your signature or having signatures that are more than 5 lines total, using fonts at the default forums size.

[05] NO SPAMMING! Creating threads that are off topic, empty posts, or posts with no relation to the current thread will not be tolerated. Threads created for the sole purpose of annoying other users or increasing a memberís post count will also be considered spamming.

[06] No soliciting! Any type of soliciting will result in your immediate removal from the forum.

[07] No double logins! Only one account per person is allowed.

[08] Discussions of where to find cheats or how to use them will not be tolerated. Do not discuss leaked content from any game. This is also not the place for a witch hunt. If you suspect someone of cheating in any of our PC games, please contact Flak via PM or the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page rather than accusing them here. If you see a cheater on XBox live, please use the report user feature of Live. Please also report glitches to Flak via PM, do not post them in the forum.

[09] Do not to post any material that is protected by copyright or trademark without the express permission of the owner of the copyright or trademark. You may not post, or link directly to, scans of magazines. You are also not permitted to post images and/or videos of leaked content from any game.

[10] We look to our community to lead by example. If you are a veteran member here, please act like one. Use this opportunity to teach and guide newer members instead of attacking them. Answering someone's question by telling them to use the search function isn't very nice, and if the person isn't familiar with the forum software, not very useful. If you know the answer, share it! Also be aware that there is always new information coming out about our games, and some things may get repeated once in a while.

[11] Please do not come to these forums looking for DLC codes. We also do not allow code trading on the Epic Forums. Unfortunately some baddies scammed forum members so we do not allow it. You are also not permitted to sell codes/items or use codes/items to try to get subscribers/follower on YouTube or other sites. All contests must be approved by a mod.

[12] This forum is not rated M. Please keep that in mind when posting.

[13] This forum and the posts within it are the property of Epic Games, Inc. If we think that someone is making the forums a less pleasant place for our customers to discuss our products, weíll remove the messages or accounts as we see fit.

We at Epic Games want to make games that you love, and so we absolutely welcome constructive criticism of our products. We have established this forum because we really do care about your suggestions for future products. Please donít ruin this forum by making nonconstructive complaints. For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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