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  1. Yes that should be it, really
    thanks i got your invite right now accepted it ;D
  2. I'm not really sure what you mean, can you give more details ? walking animations could be done without any volumes they could be done on an animtree if that is your question
  3. Alright coding is done now, it's a toggleable animation thing it gets activated whenever i am near a trigger volume, of course i will mention that you can create multiple volumes so that if you want to trigger something else you can using a different volume, anyway like i said you step into the volume and an animation will play it's a looping animation so that it doesn't stop playing it, you should just need to create a good animation so that people do not notice that it is looping like the idle animation, also when you step out of the volume the animation will then stop i have set a timer for the animation to fade smoothly so that it does not go off directly otherwise it would look bad, it was a long code but i stripped it down and now it works perfectly, i will post the tutorial today or tomorrow
  4. I'll create an msn in a few minutes, and when i'm done i'll PM you my add,
    btw you got a gmail ?
    i should upload the tutorial tommorrow or today, but first i'll upload the anim thing tutorial ,
  5. Well i got it working right now a bit, just need to find a way on how to untoggle the animation when not in a volume, but that should be fairly easy, be advice though that i do not cover how to create the animation, i am not good in animations, i use all of epic's assets not mine so that people do not get mixed up,
  6. Alright this would take time, but i'll try to figure it out, and post a tutorial when i'm done with it, thanks for your idea much appreciated
  7. Sly, I hope you are doing alright after having visited the hospital, btw i since i am out of ideas i wanted to know have you got any suggestions on what kind of tutorial i should do next ?
  8. I can still ask them to come back, if you want to ... ?
  9. No not yet mate don't worry anyway i dealt with that zombie the one that accessed my account and tried to kill me, he told me he'll tell his friends that they should not come in europe so i guess we'll wait and see
  10. Beware !!!!!!!!!! i'm a zombie and i am coming to get you, THIS IS NOT REINRAG
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