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    Yea I really hope it comes back. As much as I dislike the mechanics of G2, I find myself playing it more and more because of guardian. There were times we wanted to play while the beta was still active, but we had to resist temptations since we knew the beta was only for a month. It will be ashame if they get rid of 1 of 2 top played gametypes
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    i just saw the vid comparison u posted on joe's page abt the shotty gore differences,

    it really is huge difference.

    i dont like the current one in gears3, loved the one in gears1, i'm not sure what they are planning to do or maybe we might not have that effect in gears3 which is sad
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    04-13-2011 10:45 AMLee Perry
    "Wyeth did some awesome stuff with the red mists BTW, won't be in beta, but it's awesome for the final game Thanks for the thread notice"!

    Pg: 19 on Lee's VMs
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    Yes .
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    Ask Lee, and some blood would stay on ther character, it was seen in the beta.
  6. Plus broader audience, new players, make a gamemode feel and play different. I don't mind new players, just don't like what they do and how they play sometimes, Lol. And no, I'm not implying they should run around with the Gnasher -.-.

    Unlocks, ribbons, stats blur the actual objective of a gametype, and change it. Those things should be the icing of the cake, and the bulk of the reason you play, should be the gameplay. It becomes more of a Me me me type gamemode than Team. That's why you've seen camping, kill stealing, rubber band mans, etc...

    I don't know about anyone else, but I play for the gameplay, those things are just there for me, don't care for them much.

    No one cares for gameplay anymore! But, you've got to know your audience, and if that's what people like, that's what you've got to design, and deal with it.
  7. However,the game is good, in a sense that everything 'works' and runs smoothly. So don't get me wrong, it's a great game. The dislike/bad is the gameplay it offers now.

    Strayed far away from Gears, IMHO. Team, skill, objective, strategy, pace, and that Gears 'feeling' wise.

    These are all my discussion among lots of Gears Vets that agree with me. Also, what was the reason for putting 'Vets' on blast on Joes VM, Lol. Everyone has a right to complain.
  8. Yup BOSTON. I think Profess placed it fairly good.

    "The cheapest parts of the game, especially those added to G3 are only there to make the game more appealing to gamers with tiny attention-spans. It's about letting players play good without them having to get good, not balance and fairness."

    "uh, the entire point of these weapons is to break down a long and fairly steep learning curve to the point that a day one player is comparable with an experienced one as far as shooting skill goes.

    Your point that the game still rewards experience and time-developed strategies is completely moot since they'd still be there regardless of the weapon's learning-curve. Overall the only difference is that the game is less complex and engaging in the long-term in favour of being easier and more forgiving in the short-term."

    Which results in quick,easy and fast kills to keep short attention spans, and small skill gap.
  9. So far, in all honesty, like I've said all these game modes feel like Cod, and have a 'rack up as many kills' impression. The objective is overshadowed because it's to plain.

    Once you capture a ring, it's just a killfest.

    TDM there's literally no team work as opposed to Execution or Warzone, it's another killfest.

    CTL is a killfest too. You just run around with the your Leader now since they have the option now of getting kills and if you happen to see the enemy Leader, hold them, that's it, nothing interesting to it.

    In Guardian, if your Leader is dead, you have to play safely, and map/power weapon control was crucial, Gears3, map+power weapon control means more kills. Lol.
  10. Kind of beginning to understand the sentiment that Gears 3 is feeling like 'Cod', I'm hoping your internal play tests prove that Execution/Warzone 'feels' different.

    I haven't really noticed until now, but TDM is just a match to rack up kills, at least when you're with a stacked team. Which I usually am, even lonewolf it feels as if I am or people just going for kills. Spawn, see a person or team spawn, kill them.

    Hoping this 'feeling' has changed or Gears to me has become like every other studio pumping out generic FPS' with the incentive being to rack up quick and fast kills with no uniqueness to them. Gears 1+2 had it, but I was playing Execution, maybe this is only strictly related to TDM for Gears3, I hope so.

    Don't get me wrong though, overall balance is great with minor adjustments needed IMO, just not digging to much TDM currently. I want some what strategy, clutch moments, Team Vs Team.
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