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  1. It wasn't directed at the true Gears of War fans who actually appreciate the game for what it is but want a play list where they can control what happens, but at the truly "butt hurt Gnasher kids" who want Gears of War 3 turned into another Fails of Host 2. I can't stand it when people post complaints telling EPIC to get rid of the Sawed Off because they think the Gnasher is "what created Gears of War". I saw that there were more than a couple in your thread and specifically targeted them. They will know if they are "Gnasher kids". I don't call normal Gnasher users that, just the little kids who complain all the time and want the Gnasher OP again.
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    The classic playlist is for fun, not "butt hurt gnasher kids" Keep your negative comments to yourself

    Thank you.
  3. Cool thank you very much. It will be nice to find some groups that me and my brother can do horde or beast with and grab some achievements and stuff.
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    Yes we are mate sorry about the late reply been catching up on lost life.

    Ill add you the OP welcome to the EGFC brotherhood!!
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    what about the friends and family of Epic that already have the game? Obviously Epic doesn't want stuff posted on youtube, but I think you are reading far too much into this
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    So all the review websites are playing illegal copies of the game?
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    Hahaha sounds good man.
    Well as long as you have a mic and are on at a time when we can play together, I'll be sure to look out for you.

    I'm going to try and get a group of guys together that just play online but communicate; so giving each other shout outs about enemies and when to push the hill, working as a team...all that good stuff.

    Hopefully we will be playing at the same time and can get a team going, sounds good man.
    Enjoy the rest of the beta - LBA.
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    I'm no kid...i'm 21. I don't need to have thousands of post on some online forum to be considered a fan. I buy epics games, I wait in line for them, compete in community tournaments, I play everday and show that I'm a fan there. I gave my opinion, and my butt doesn't hurt. My K/d is positive in the beta. But hey thanks for stopping and writing on my page
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    Okay, thought so. It's cool you are pretty close to the headquarters.

    I wasn't really concerned about connection, I've played with plenty of Americans before just fine, I was more worried about the time zone difference? I mean I play in the evenings on our time, which might be the middle of the night or the morning for you guys haha.

    Like I said though, played with plenty of Americans before, so hopefully it won't be a problem and we can get some games going. You have a working mic I assume?

    Thanks for your sympathy by the way haha, it's gutting, just a pretty bad time for me and I can't play xbox right now, so I'm staying up to date with these forums haha.
    Looking forward to hopefully teaming up in the future! Regards - LBA.
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