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    Truy cập vĂ*o kho game mien phi để tải về cho điện thoại những game hay như tai game vo lam 3, tai game audition ….. rất nhiều game để bạn lựa chọn cho mình game miễn phĂ* ưng Ă˝ nhất!
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    It's been some time scrub, how you been?
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    Jeez SKORGE, took you long enough to figure it out.

    Yeah, was very frustrated with the sign up process, so, saw it as an opportunity to have some fun at least. But it seems to have all gone terribly wrong.

    Kinda ashamed of my behavior and don't quite know how to come out of this without looking like a complete asshat.

    Still, if you could come up with a new, suitable username for me (obviously one not already in use on Xbox Live) that might help.
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    First time I've ever seen it. o_O

    Honestly, I really don't like it and I really don't know if I'm gonna make the transition. Damn shame too, it looks like fun over there.
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    Can't say I'm entirely thrilled with the method of signing up.

    It's not the NWO I'm afraid of, it's your average, garden variety haxxor looking to post lists of Live accounts and passwords for scene creditability. I mean seriously, who thought that would be a good idea considering what's happened to other developer and publisher websites in the past?

    Bah... Boss is one unhappy camper. Phil will know of my outrage SKORGE, mark my words.
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    Looks like we got a new place to hang out at! Yay!
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    Tell me about it, smart people, talented people, beautiful people, rich people, all hounded by the mediocre masses! So, to the little people I say this... KNOW YOUR DAMN ROLE!

    By the way, although Cros believes himself to be one of us... he really, really isn't.

    Yeah, those are good ideas, which I like. But I also hope BT have some fresh and exciting ideas of their own. To be a successful developer you need to give the people what they want before they even know they want it. I mean seriously, did anybody really ask for Candy Crush or Angry Birds?

    New forum? Thank the Allfathers for that! I was beginning to think it would never happen.

    Got my fingers crossed for a good E3 this year, hopefully the rumors are true and E3 redeems itself after a string of lackluster showings.

    And remember, the sun ain't gonna shine anymore, the moon ain't gonna rise in the sky...


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    Lol, I bet you were involved with Kinect too, it would kinda make sense (finally!).

    Nah, I was just speculating if Gears could go more open world because of all the talk about the gameplay style being dated and what not. I wouldn't say open world in a GTA or Red Dead sense. More like the Tomb Raider reboot, hubs with branching levels. Levels that aren't simple corridor and bowl layouts, but more expansive. I actually liked my "gun-fu" idea, an expanded version the current CQC that embraces melee combat, disarming opponents, stealth attacks and evades. Though, now that I type that I realize how much it sounds like the MP of The Last of Us.

    Lol, I want 256 players in MP, like that PS3 game, MAG.

    Nah, I think small numbers work best for Gears. I'd also ditch FFA considering it wasn't the greatest of modes and it also completely ruined a lot of the maps in Judgment.

    I'm hoping E3 is good, I really am. To be honest, it kind of needs to be.
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    New forum this week!
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I'll check in every now and again but for the most part, I won't be as active as I was previously. It really was the Gears + people that got me posting on here in the first place. Unless Epic release an awesome game or something. I'm leaving this message because I'm obviously a very, very important person.

Hope to see a lot of you on the BT Forums! - 11/02/2014 (lol)


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