I wish i could quit my job and play Gears every day!

  1. sweetnessbk
    I want to retire right now. How many days of work has everyone taking off to play gears???
  2. Screamy
    Don't have a job yet, but I am in college. I have not taken any days off to play gears though(only go 2 days a week for about 4 hours) so I can manage. haha.
  3. Iants
    Haven't taken time off work to play, but I have taken the 360 into work and played gears through projector onto cinema screen!
  4. Viewing the hue
    Viewing the hue
    nice Lants that would be epic!
  5. Iants
    Aye it was pretty ace. Didn't manage to get the sound through the dolby system though!
  6. DEADMAN7978
    My friends and I brought projectors to my brother in laws bachelor party. Two walls four players lots of beer. Can't wait for my buddies coming up.
  7. Lambent Venom
    Lambent Venom
    I've taken off for the midnight release but haven't accumulated enough vacation time to take off any further for gears.
  8. MechHED
    be careful what you wish for....I'm on kidney dialysis right now and have plenty of time, but I wish I had a job now and felt better....
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