Gears of war Gamertags

  1. The Unshackled
    The Unshackled
    Just figured i'd put up a thread so everyone has someone to play gears of war 3 with be it campaign horde multiplayer whatever.

    My gamertag is The Unshackled feel free to hit me up i'm down for whatever just say you're from here and i'll accept.
  2. xBEASTYAssassin
    xBEASTYAssassin same here hit me if you want to play gears 3
  3. Guuru
    i will add you when i fix my motom
    i will be on a lot when i do
    gt El guuru
  4. The Unshackled
    The Unshackled
    both of you feel free to add me for horde beast mode or just multiplayer promised my 4 friends to do first campaign playthru with them but be On alot so yeah plenty of time
  5. xBEASTYAssassin
    I will add both of you cant wait for gears 3
  6. xMrWilsonx
  7. SAMCRO714
    Mine is SAMCRO714
  8. The Necromancer
    The Necromancer
    Necromancer Rob
  9. HowlingXSoul
    Hit me up if you wanna play some online
  10. therampager49
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