1. superuser
    part of war is invading, and catching, such as the houses on river, but now, if you run in there and try to take it you get shot before you can even shoot back because i have to wait a second and a half to shoot. just because people rushed doesn't mean you have to put a delay on shooting, people should just learn to evade, you know the button combo that for some reason confuses everybody, left/right green!
  2. FARTS
    It's stupid, you need to roadie run to get around! You turn a corner and there's a guy waiting. He could have scratched his ass and had a beer by the time you can hit him. You WAIT to lancer him and he calmy lines up his shotgun with you and blows your brains out. WAZZUP WITH DAT?
  3. faithreaper11
    if you cant learn to evade dont play the game! an another thing whats the point in just running? its a shooter!!! if we cant shoot then we dont want to play!! we dont want a delay in between running an shooting make GOW like a real life war!!!!!
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