Ready for re-up number 2?!

  1. MFF Rich
    MFF Rich
    I'm getting there! LOL The 2x XP weekend was a great help (added to the fact I had a weekend off the booze so just stayed in and did about 10 lots of 1-50!!) Green lvl 90 at the mo, hopefully be Green wings in a week I reckon!

    There's a bit of a drop off of peeps (understandably new games for xmas have drawn attention away) - just wondered if there's anyone else on the group here that is still keen on insane horde runs (that I don't already have on my friends list)?!
  2. Elmore
    If I'm on gears I'm down anytime. UnfadingStorm is his xbl tag is looking for some 1 to 50g runs.
  3. urbalist
    i still playing dead island just mp cheevos left XD
  4. MFF Rich
    MFF Rich
    Woohoo, on the red numbers now! Bring on the blue!
  5. Orion
    01-28-2012, 04:58 PM, wow this group is pretty much dead...

    Anyway, nie going Rich! I'm steady at Green 34, haven't played at all in the last few weeks. I could've had my green wings by now too, seeing as I got bronze wthin a month.
    You won't be seeing me online for a long time yet (maybe during the ME3 Beta), mainly beause I'm so caught up with work/college.
  6. MFF Rich
    MFF Rich
    Yeah this group seems to have died off, although we have an insane horde group now .

    I'm up to red 75 now! Hopefully only a week or two before red wings
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