Beast Mode On Insane Anybody??

  1. psynister
    Hey all I am wanting to get the medal for doing beast mode on insane without failing. So a good group would make it easier I've tried it both solo and with one other player but I dont have the skill to pull it off with just one or 2. So if i can get a full group that would prolly be plenty to pull it off. so if any1 is interested just let me know. Im usually on from 3pm-11pm US central time
  2. Gh0st0f4Ch4nce
    If you still need help, just let me know... Done it about 5 times helping friends. Really need at least 4 players.
    I'm PST and on most nights around 8pm.
  3. Loki-76
    I've completed it before but don't mind helping you out. 5 players would be great but 4 at least. Let me know at time and date you would like to do it. Blaz man might be another good player if he can. I'm in the eastern time zone, but stay on gears alot.
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