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  1. «MechikTåj»
    haha Seems like I'm running out of ideas for topics. At the bottom left of the window you can (sort of) see "Post New Discussion"; So, everyone feel free to start a topic!

    Now, onto this one. There's always been great music in the UT series. UT3's soundtrack has some pretty good songs but because of the dynamic music system, it's hard to really enjoy them in-game. I really wish they'd make that an option... I'd much rather listen to the full song than assorted clips of them. Don't know where to get the UT3 soundtrack cd though... I'm sure a simple internet search would find it but I'm feeling lazy right now.

    Here is a link to the Sentinel theme:

    And here is the "Necris Ambient" theme

    Sentinel theme rocks!!!!!!!!
  2. Nightmare85
    If you are really interested in, I could manage it to give you the complete UT3 soundtrack...

    Of course only via PMs.

  3. Kazimira
    I was given rather... odd instructions on how to get the music. I managed to get some tracks but far from all. Plus I was told how to alter the file type on a media player that didnt origonaly have the file type so I dont think I was given the full instructions on how to get that music in the first place.
  4. Nightmare85
    I have deleted 2 posts because I did not know that everyone can see all threads.
    If you still are interested in UT3 OST -> PM me

  5. Fliperaci
    thanks night. But I have already the OST!
    btw sentinel theme rocks!! Akasha rocks xD
  6. Nightmare85
    Ah ok.

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