1. «MechikTåj»
    "The Necris High Inquisitor, a ruthless leader who has ordered countless massacres."

    So, who doesn't love Akasha? She is by far one of the best characters in UT3 - in terms of character design, voice and personality. What I like most about her is simply her overall character design - Her clothes/armor, tattoos, face, etc...

    What is it that you guys like about her?

    Here's a nice (and my current) wallpaper with her.

  2. Kazimira
    A strong female character in a game is something thats suppriseingly rare. Most have boobs that are bigger than thair heads, squeaky voices, skirts showing thair nickers and or over exadurated girly personalaties.

    Despite the fact she was evil and nasty and all that she still stuck it out till the very end.
  3. Fliperaci
    Yeah you guys are definitively right!
    Nice wallpaper btw ...
    I was playing Akasha since the beginning of playing UT3.
    What I like most about her is the clothes, too!
    I dont know the english word. But there is the long "thing" hanging of her waist I like it when its flagging while you are moving...

    When there is the demoguy bug online I have to play with him (demoguy) and he looks so fat compared to Akasha...
    And my feelings are that his movement is way slower than Akashas. She looks way more agile to me.
    Due to his ugliness i am glad every time the map is over so I can play my real character next map

    What taunts do you guys like most? My favorite is the "Hmmm giblets" ...

    I would choose male character but I dont like the boots anyway. They are toooooo big imo. OK they have to carry big guns...
    But necris male character have nice taunts though. What do you think?
  4. «MechikTåj»
    Gotta agree with both of you.

    When I first got UT3, I was playing the campaign like crazy because I knew she was going to be an unlockable character. I just didn't know I had to beat the entire game! But I was sooo happy when I finally got her!

    I was pissed that she had to die though. I was half-hoping that Reaper would end up dieing and Akasha victorious.

    My favorite taunts by her are: "Mmmm, giblets", "Darkness awaits", and "Give in to the pain". But my most favorite taunt is "Denied!" I love taunting that when I shoot down someone else's redeemer! Unfortunately as we all know, the taunts are randomized so she doesn't always say it when I want her too.

    Oh and it's called a skirt, Fliperaci. I guess one could call it a Battle Skirt.
  5. Kazimira
    You never know she might be able to survive a rocket launcher to the head. There has to be limiets to the prosess but perhaps thay can heal that kind of injery. Although because thay cant bring back lost memories due to the prosess they probably cant from major head injeries so how much of her personalaty survies is debatable.

    And yes its a skirt. The origonal desighn for female Necris was erm... a thong and tights with straps round them. I much prefer the skirt over it thanks.
  6. «MechikTåj»
    I was thinking about the same thing. If she's a Necris, then she is technically already dead. So how could she really die when she could be brought back? (I guess that explains the taunt "I am forever!" But that's a very good point, Kazimira. I doubt someone could recover from having their skulls crushed, hehe.

    Edit: Oh and I cannot wait to stomp around as a giant Titan Akasha when the pack is released!!!
    Edit again: Well, I use Alanna actually, but still!
  7. Fliperaci
    just call me flip
    OK battle skirt sounds great
    Oh yeah - Akasha or Alanna as a Titan .... hmmm giblets... :O cant wait to try this out :O

    Hmm nice point! But i am not so familiar with the background :S I guess I have to finish campaign again hmmm

    And I can second that thing with the random taunts It would be great if we can bind every single taunt ....

    A shame that they fix the demoguy bug. It would be great too be a demoguy titan? ^^ NOT ^^
  8. Bl00dy.Ben|)er
    Akasha is the only cool Necris character, imho the other are looking a bit gay^^ they are showing us ther belly xD
  9. Kazimira
    I dont think the guys care what thay look like as long as thay get armor thay can move in.
  10. Fliperaci
    lol bender!
    I dont like the boots (when wearing by a male-Necris) but the necris voice is soooooo great!
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