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  1. Not a problem mate, let me know and we will sort something out..
  2. Sorry fella every time we log in it goes to our v'ms so the notifications are never there. Anyways your host looks pretty good do you mind if we do some in game testing next week?
  3. Yo, you haven't got back to me bout being host on the old school event.. I dont mind g, just let a man know, tryna lend another host fr the uk. I am intending on playing though so wouldnt be a spectator if thats what you want, that aint me lol!
  4. Theres 900 miles ive just figured it out lol..
  5. Its hard to tell since most connections are strong when tested 50 miles away. Cant you test any further?
  6. I dunno bout that 1,000 miles thing but here Any good to ya?
  7. yeah its the only way to see if your connection is good enough to host for an event.
  8. You want me to do that thing?
  9. sorry for the double post
  10. Could you give us a speed test of at least 1,000 miles?

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