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  1. Some guy went through great lengths to say that pictures can be photoshopped- which is true- but you'd think that a game developer could tell an amateur photoshop job from the real deal. lol

    For this reason, just to be safe I tell people that video is the best method but if you have no way of getting them on video, try for a picture anyway. The worst they can say is no dice because the proof isn't concrete. The picture has to include the gamertag, they will not base the ban on your word alone because that can easily be abused to get people you don't like banned from the game.

    Since you have a camera you should be able to take a video of the incident, upload it to YouTube and send it to Joe. I don't think two separate pictures will work because one could argue that this picture of a guy glitching out and this picture of the scoreboard are from two separate games.

    Hope this helped, let me know if you have any other questions.
  2. Um about reporting glitchers, how can Joe get them banned if the gamertag doesn't show cause i tried using Ghost Cam once, but it is just a clean pic :/ when i play social guardian there are a lot of glitchers and i would really like them to stop ruining my games

    what if i Used My Kodak Camera and I used the ghost cam's camera?

    i'll simultaneously take a pic using both, will that work? also if you uploaded a picture on to gears of war website and look to the right you'll see the list of gamertags of who was in the match! if i tell joe the gamertag and tell him to look at the page, will that be enough to ban the glitchers?
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