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  1. No worries.
    I assumed most people liked the new horde.

    With the exception of having to play those events
  2. Sorry dude if it seemed like I attacked you yesterday about Horde.
    The way It came across was kinda harsh from me anyway.
  3. Ah, usually I'm the one getting those kind of messages.
  4. Well I guess not the guy sent me a hate message saying that I played the game too much Level and 3.0 medal
    In the end we talked for about 2 hours about the game etc.
  5. I don't reckon that was me, I haven't played KotH in ages.
    Usually messages to me aren't that friendly so I doubt it was haha
  6. Erm, what is your gamertag? You may have to remind me. My GT is the same as my name.
  7. Did we ? have a long conversation the other day over xbox ?
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