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  1. Yes I did, I'm psyched that characters are actually going to look different from each other!
  2. Seen this yet?
  3. I'm still kind of shocked

    And yes, of course big man!
  4. So when you get Gears 3 you're gonna send me a pic of it first right?
  5. Yup! It was stayclassy. He went to basic training for the airforce though.
  6. Hey, did you ever find out who White Winging was? I was looking over My friends list the other night and noticed them and thought to Myself "Hey, I never knew who that was!".
  7. Eh its okay, I'm following peter griffinn and he tweets some pretty funny stuff.
  8. Yeah, thanks, man, I don't post a whole lot, it's pretty boring, twitter, actually.

    OMG Comma's are, fun.
  9. Lol I thought it was pretty original. I'm gonna re follow too even though you don't tweet much.
  10. Ninja Jesus! Almost as cool as Sexy Winging! Following Man.
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