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  1. aaw to bad.
  2. It's alright.

    My Xbox Live isn't working, either...
  3. I don't have a headset.

    Sorry for the late response, the forums got kinda bored.
  4. Oh yeah, we could do some Wingman, too.

    Do you have a headset?
  5. Sure dude, forgot to check my private messages, lol...

    I changed my Gamertag to SymphonicSix, btw.

    So yeah, Horde is probably my favorite part in this game. Maybe tomorrow?
  6. Ok.
    Wanna play Horde sometimes?
  7. Hey man, it's been a while.

    I'll add you on LIVE
  8. and do you live in Netherlands? im from the US
  9. hey whats up, i havent been on in a while
  10. Hey anyone home!!??
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