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    The game is treating me like this is the first time i have played GOW2. I have had the game since it came out and never had this problem. In my achievement tracker all data is lost. In MP I am back to a level 1. When I check my achievements from the dashboard they are still there just not in game.

    * Profile location - HD
    * Profile type - Gold
    * Location of any campaign save games associated with your profile - HD
    Auto sign - Disabled
    * Game modes - All Campaign and MP all modes of MP

    * What game modes you have been playing - Campaign and MP Live and Local Co-op and split screen.

    * What was the last game mode you played before you noticed this issue? - Campaign split screen while signed in to XBL.
    * Playing with other profiles locally - yes
  2. * If you have done this, what is the profile location/type of that/those profile
    HD - local profile not even resisted with live
    * What mode did you play - Campaign
    * Did that/those profile lose any data as well
    * What screen were you on when you signed into the other profile - Dasboard
    * Have you been playing Gears2 with the same profile on multiple Xboxs - Yes
    * Backing out to the Dashboard - Sometimes

    * Did you back out to the Dashboard through the Guide from any area other than the main menu right before you noticed this issue - Don't Know
    * Are you running the NXE - Yes
    * If you are running the NXE, did you install the game to the hard drive - Yes
    * Have you been hitting this issue multiple times - No
    * Did you power off the Xbox from a location other than the main menu - Sometimes
    * If applicable, were you signed into LIVE - Yes
    * Did your Xbox have a network cable or wireless adapter plugged in - wireless adapter
  3. I took my 120 gig HD to my friends house to basically show him the game we played locally and online. Campaign split screen, and everything else. We got half way through the campaign. Then a few days later I brought my 120 Gig HD back home to my Xbox and we finished the campaign split screen. Everything was fine. Then a few days later I signed in to play campaign with my girlfriend split screen and that's when i noticed the problem. So in the past week i have signed in and played gears on and off line campaign and MP on 2 different Xboxes and with 2 different profiles playing with me. Same HD though. When going between the 2 Xboxes My home one is a new arcade model, and the other is actually my refurbished (by Xbox) premium model that i gave to my friend. I love this game and am very downhearted-sad about this. Is there anything I can do. Or can you refer me to someone who can help. I am a big fan and a loyal customer. PLEASE HELP!
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