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  1. Sure is Boss, sure is...

    I'm about to sketch some Gears stuff for fun.
  2. Well whatever it is... it sure is a pain in the ***!

    No one likes to read incomplete stories, and no author likes to leave a story incomplete. But... we do it anyways, all the freaking time! Lol, crazy world right?
  3. I think it's because of the feeling of freshness with the piece, and just having a new start makes it easy to write.
  4. I think SKORGE is on his third version of Warriors, I'm not quite sure.

    Yeah, for some reason, it's easier to just start over then continue something, and I have no idea why that is?
  5. Yup, I was about to do a short little Gears series, but then Skorge suggested to continue it so it didn't end up like his Warriors.
  6. Will try to check it out as soon as I can. Good that you went back to it too.
  7. Picked up on S.D again, chapter should be done in ten minutes or so.
  8. Chapter 3 is up. Burnt myself out for the night, wrote a lot more than I planned. It has backstory as well.
  9. Chapter 2 is up.

    Just finished it, working on chapter 3 now.
  10. The fiction is up for your viewing.
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