View Full Version : Team nVious Recruiting

nVi Clide
02-02-2012, 06:00 PM
Hey guys, some of players on my team are having issues getting on and stuff so we are looking to grow a little bit, we are looking for very specific players so if you fit this you can join

What we need...

Must be on almost every day (we are on all afternoon and night EST)
Must know callouts
Must be dedicated to gears and improving personally and as a team
Must be able to take criticism and be able to lose (we play pro teams and sometimes theyre going to outplay us.. at first..)
Must know how to use a lancer effectively
Must have a good shotgun (this includes movement such as a good strafe and wallbouncing. Must be confident with your shotgun)
Must have a great shotgun! We are really looking for a slayer so if your smart and know how to use a shotgun then we are looking for you.
If you aren't dedicated we don't want you, we might not be a well known team yet but we are very serious. Real life comes first on my team but not feeling like it isn't really a good reason to not get on.

If you have any questions or want to tryout then message xClide. Also any other teams add me for scrims