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01-20-2012, 05:53 PM
Hey everyone! As some of you may or may not be aware, Hypefestation begins today!!!

This is taken from the other thread

Hypefestation, as some of you may already know, is the largest community-ran live GoW event to date and will be taking place THIS WEEKEND in Newark, New Jersey (January 20-22)! The entire tournament was organized by the GoW community, for the GoW community with cash coming out of individual and sponsor pockets.

Hypefestation is a 32-team LIVE tournament with teams competing for $12,000 in prizes. 32 of the best teams in the WORLD will be in attendance (that's right, even a team from the UK will be flying over and in attendance!). 12 of the teams were invited through an online qualifier on www.beyondgaming.net, while the rest of the invites consist of former GoW1 and GoW2 MLG pro teams such as Infinity, The NSAN3Z, MbN: The Business, Legacy, Get Bronco, etc.

The ENTIRE tournament will be live streamed and produced by a professional production team at www.twitch.tv/beyondgaming, casted by professional commentators such as MLG Gandhi and DaFaCex, and even MLG's Puckett will be in attendance. Epic Games' own PeteNub (@PeteNub) will also be flying to Newark to attend and support the event.

Whether you're a huge GoW fan or haven't even played the game, I can almost guarantee you'll be entertained throughout the weekend, so at least tune in for a little bit to check it out and see some great gameplay and the biggest GoW live event to date.

WATCH THE LIVE STREAM HERE (http://www.twitch.tv/beyondgaming)

Friday - 3-4 PM EST (Pre Game Show)*
Friday - 5 PM EST (Bracket Show and determining seeds!)*

Saturday - 11 AM EST - 11 PM EST (Tournament continues - ALL DAY COVERAGE)*

Sunday - 11 AM EST - 11 PM EST (Tournament continues - Grand Finals Sun. night!)

*note: There is no set schedule for this tournament, but the times listed are rough times of things that will be happening. The stream will be live ALL DAY ALL WEEKEND starting Friday night

That being said, use this thread as a tool for discussion throughout the weekend regarding the tournament, the teams, predictions, comments, concerns, etc. Keep the thread clean, friendly, and focused - try not to get off topic! These threads for MLG GoW2 events back in the day got to 100+ pages in 3 days, so it miget get a bit insane :P

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're a fan of Gears, this is an absolutely huge opportunity to help the GoW community grow to reach the level it deserves to. We all know GoW is an amazing game but unfortunately Epic doesn't get the recognition they deserve for producing the best game on xbox - LET'S CHANGE THAT. Hypefestation is a HUGE opportunity to unify the GoW community and spread awareness, being able to find common grounds on one special event.

SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT HYPEFESTATION! The past week or so, I've been sending messages to all recent players from Ranked telling them brief details about Hypefestation and I've gotten amazingly positive results! Do your part and help this game grow to the level it deserves to be at!

Discuss, and enjoy the GoW-filled weekend!

Unfortunately due to late check-ins and other obstacles the tournament will not begin until around 5:30 eastern, but if you are a fan of any sort of Gears of war at all, MAKE SURE TO CHECK THIS STREAM OUT on twitch.tv/beyondgaming

Also make sure to follow the brackets on here http://www.beyondgaming.com/page/hypefestation (Random teams will be filled in with online qualifier winners)

Any updates can be found on the Hype \ BG twitters


Again, whether you're a fan of Infinity, zYn, MbN, vSn, or apeX, or ANYONE, MAKE SURE TO COME CHECK OUT THE STREAM STOP BY AND SAY HI!