View Full Version : Team vXXv recruiting

vx crim1nal xv
01-16-2012, 03:01 AM
Team vXXv is recruiting

im looking for atleast 2 new good smart players..

were a good competitive team we play good and smart speak both english and spanish and we only play execution..

to join you have to meet this Requirements

need to have a mic and use it to communicate
you have to know how to play like a team
you have to know how to wallbounce
be respectful to team mates
follow instructions
and you have to change your gamertag..

soo if you think you meet this requirements hit me up on xbox live for a tryout this is my gt.. vX Crim1NaL Xv

like i said were a good team we play to win we have good players we always communicate and we have good strats on each map..

and we also looking for clan matches soo hit me up for that too.. but we only play underground soo if you down with that hit me up